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I want to share the faces, the feelings and the realities of human issue through my lens. I am addicted to observing life up-close : every character, every situation, every sound and every details around me. Studying life unconsciously has become a habit and capturing moments is and will always be a passion.

Our 95th stay during our 4 year travels.. the whole place had an awesome vintage outlook. We got a private room but the owners went for thanks-givings and left the whole house to us for 2 days (lucky us) really this is the kinda house we like.. had 3 bed rooms.. 1 bath.. lounge.. open kitchen.. backyard.. and a nice outside siting area and to top it an awesome location in Wicker Park

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When your loved ones scold you or tell you a bad negative thing or habit about you.. Put your EGO aside and be greatful..and cherish it.. Learn and grow with these constructive feedbacks and look within .. Not everyone has this opportunity.. thank you Universe for your guidence

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