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Settling In – Check List

Living Simply

I read somewhere a Zen saying that says ‘wisdom is letting go of something every day’. I’m far from being zen about many things in my life but I’m slowly travelling towards having less in life and being happy with having less. And by doing so, to be more content ...

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A Place To Sleep

after one week of moving here and there, between hostel and guesthouse in penang, we finally found a small room to settle down for while we are here. the place is bang right in the middle between georgetown and batu feringgi. on one side, we can see a glimpse of ...

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Life Without Shampoo

i read about the no-shampoo method before but never thought that i could try it. i thought it was rubbish. all those pics online of people not washing their hair with shampoo but still have shining healthy hair must be a scam, photo-shopped. it cant be real. i didnt was ...

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