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How Do We It

We are often asked, through face to face conversations, FB messages and comments and even through phone calls – “How do we do it?” A lot of our friends, families and strangers too are curious how we managed to keep on traveling for the past 15 months. Did we have a lot of saving? How do we sustain ourselves? All these questions are definitely valid and of course important, but the most important question to ask, in our opinion, is why did we choose to do this?

We think that is the first question that if answered with the right intention would lead you to all the other answers as well.

It is also important to note here that to successfully do this, both the partners must equally share the passion, because otherwise it is simply impossible. In fact to be honest, it could even possibly break the relationship.

On the other hand, if both are into this whole-heartedly – then guys, you are in for an exquisite journey, not just of this amazing world we live in, but of the universe within yourself too.

So for us, The Hopscotchers, yes of course the first motivation is because we love to travel. But we were clear from the very beginning that this is not only about traveling. This is about changing of a lifestyle.

This is about living outside of the system. Living outside of the norms of what people usually consider a good living. We are going the opposite direction.

Before we started, we had a comfortable shelter in the heart of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, with all the comforts of modern living and the usual responsibilities that comes with it.

We did not, however, have a 9 to 5 lives, fortunately.

We had separately, before we came across each other, partially choose to go against the tides on a slower pace. Oz was then running his own video production company with his business partner in Kuala Lumpur, while Naz was freelancing as a trainer/facilitator/coordinator with a few women’s rights and human rights NGOs, as well as doing a side business, selling her arts and crafts.

So it seems like the Universe brought us together to continue our existing journey, to make it more exciting and fun, as we complement each other lives and find our balance.As mentioned earlier, this life we chose, is not all about traveling, though of cos traveling without doubt plays a major role in it. It is also definitely not a holiday or a honeymoon as we are not planning to do this for a particular time period. It is indefinite for us. At least, for now.

Therefore, like any other lifestyle, it comes with challenges as well. It is not all bed of roses. But in our case, to be pricks now and then by the thorns, can feel oh-so-sweet too. Simply because we believe in what we are doing and we put our hearts into it.

Life, is indeed, a beautiful blessing. Now, what do we actually do? Here are the main things, among many other things:-

Our Video Production Company –

We continue to run the video production company, “Paradox Studio” that was started by Ozzie. Only thing now, Naz is the other partner in the business.

We managed our productions from where ever we are and have an on-ground team in Kuala Lumpur, as well as an on-line team.

Currently, we are working towards building on-grounds teams in other countries as well.

Online Freelance Work –

Ozzie has been freelancing online, through Freelancers, Elance and other online sites, for the past 5 years, since he was in Pakistan, so he already had quite a strong online portfolio as an editor and have repeat clients along the way.

Naz just started following suits for the past 2 years, offering her drawing/illustration/painting skills. She hand draws on paper, scanned the artworks and send it to her clients. She is still struggling but things are flowing in a good direction.

Director of Photography – Ozzie takes on on-ground projects on commission to film and then transfer the footage to clients. It’s a little tricky when you are travelling and not based at one place but like all the other things we are doing, it is coming along

Hopscotcher’s Shop  – This is a work in progress that we are working towards as we develop our website. We used to put up stalls at art bazaars when we were in Malaysia and now we are trying to replicate it with an online shop.

Ozzie is putting up his digital prints, facebook covers, hard prints, posters, post cards, calendar, stock music, stock video footage, stock photographs, photo books, custom vintage quote prints and various other prints.

Naz is selling her printable art prints, printed art prints, coloring pages and her artworks on different type of merchandise, such as t-shirts, tote bags, pillows, laptop sleeves and throw pillows, to name a few.


Documentaries Presently, we are working on 2 documentaries. We are always on a look-out for funds and ways of being able to sell these documentaries and profit from it over time.