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What About The Pole (Right Infront Of Your Gate)

when i first came across this news yesterday, i could not believe what i was reading. this woman has been living with a TNB pole right infront of her main gate for the past 10 years. and now she was asked to pay rm10,000 to have it remove! how ridiculous is that?

first thing first, what the hell was TNB thinking? *TNB is Malaysia main energy provider* there got to be some sort of planning before planting the poles surely. and i believe the houses were built first before the poles were planted.

the news emphasised on the woman being a single mother and runs a flower shop and therefore cannot afford the huge sum. but i think, even if she is a millionaire – she should not have to pay to get the freaking pole remove. it is absolutely the responsibility of TNB and the state government have the obligation to ensure that TNB do so.

what saddened me more is she has been going up and down to TNB office for years, asking for the pole to be removed – but no one took the case seriously. this is really lack of conscience at its core. otherwise, those officers/workers in charge would not have a problem to act on what is right.

no one wants a huge metal pole right infront of their main gate, TNB – im sure you would not want it for your own too.

i find it difficult to comprehend TNB’s action – from planting the pole there up to ignoring the woman’s request for removal and asking for rm10,000 for it to be removed. none of it make sense at all. but again, these days – sense is a rare quality.



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