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Tie-Dyes : Accidental Art

Tie-Dyes : Accidental Art

Tie-dye is one of those arts that always captured my eyes. Be it on clothes, bags or even shoes, I love how the vibrant swirls and dots of different colours are matched together. And the best thing I found about crafting tie-dye is, even when you messed up, the result could be just as stunning. The key to remember is to always be fun, a little-bit crazy and keep on playing with the colours.

Here are some of the classic folding techniques you may use as a basic guide but of course, I highly recommend that you experiment with your own techniques too. The results could be magical!

1. Spirals

Lay cloth of a flat surface and start twisting it from the centre. After you are done with the twisting, use as many rubber bands as you need to make sure you retain the circular shape.

2. Bunching

Gather cloth together in small bunches until it is shaped like a ball. Wrap rubber bands loosely around the ball in as many directions necessary to retain the ball shape.

3. Knot

Hold the cloth at both ends and twist into a long rope form. Tie this long rope into a knot and tighten as much as you can.

4. Stripes

Roll the cloth very loosely, forming a long tube. Tie rubber bands around the lube as far apart as you want the stripes to be.



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