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Rosoto – The Soap Made Of Love

https://www.etsy.com/shop/soap So the interesting story behind this is that I went to Toom’s house 4 years back when i was first introduced to him through another couchsurfer Josh. I had a lovely time and experienced an amazing lifestyle as his house was apparently open to everyone and there were always 10 or more people staying at his place.

I made really good friends during my first stay at Toom’s place and revisited the placed after 4 years. This time things were a little different. Toom has emptied one of the rooms and had a soap making lab there and almost everyone one who came to his place was interested in helping him out.

So here is a short take on how everyone gets together to make soap with toom and its really wonderful how these guys put in soo much love in to it.

You can buy the soap online on https://www.etsy.com/shop/soap

I wish Toom all the happiness in this world. Really happy for you man.

Director/DOP: Ozair Rao http://www.ozairrao.com
Produced By: http://www.theparadoxstudio.com
In Collaboration With: Hopscotchers – http://www.hopscotchers.org
Producer: Nazreen Nizam – http://www.nazreennizam.com
Date Produced: 24th August, 2015

Equipment Used:
Camera & Lenses: GH3, 14-140mm
Post Production: Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Audition CS6
Color Correction: Magic Bullet Looks

About Ozair Rao

I want to share the faces, the feelings and the realities of human issue through my lens. I am addicted to observing life up-close : every character, every situation, every sound and every details around me. Studying life unconsciously has become a habit and capturing moments is and will always be a passion.

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