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what a beautiful sunny sunday we have in Curitiba today. its windy but the sun is so pretty! im loving the good weather and spent time soaking the good energy in my kitchen making this vegan cheese. dairy-free. cruelty-free. why? because i am a feminist. and the more i read about the milk industry the more i realised i cannot any longer consume dairy without thinking about all those mothers that were forcibly impregnanted then have their babies taken away from them. this totally go against my believe that all female should have right on their own sexual reproductive health. so what if they are from a different species? they are still female, arent they?? and what about the babies that were dragged away from their mothers right after being born so us human can drink their mother’s milk instead? isnt it crazy?? now tell me, after knowing all this, how can i still go on taking dairy, right? not your mother, not your milk yo!

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