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Phat Khat – Feed Your Soul – Thamel – Kathmandu

https://www.facebook.com/Phat-Kath-123998437809500 Tucked away from the crazy tourist and traffic filled streets of Thamel is Phat Kath. Through an arcade between the shops you enter an open courtyard in the rear and follow the stairs up to the wooden verandah. The coin studded hanging lamps, currency collection on the wall, the ...

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At OR2K to Work and Enjoy the meals

so with one damn big bowl of vegetarian caesar salad (with crispy tofuss!!)to share – we plan to be here the whole day, for ozzie to do all his heavy-duty internet stuffs. ill upload and download some stuffs as well, but will do my drawings&paintings as usual. well, maybe we’ll ...

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