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Kale Salad / Kerabu Daun Kale i came across so many articles on kale for the past 1-2 years but have never really tried it cos it was not a local vege at the places i was before, hence it is pricey & imported stuffs etc so not something im into. also, it is so talked about as super-food and all, i just thought of it as an over-rated organic imported green, again not something im into. but today – i found kale at my local market, for 2.70real a bunch, so i thought why not try this local vege. damn!! i should have come to brazil earlier!! dont know about it being super-food but it is super-delicious for sure!! i cut the leaves very thinly, add chopped tomatoes, sardines, olive oil, lime juice and salt – and bam!! im in love


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EatFit Karachi i dont usually do food delivery but today since we are not anywhere near decently affordable food shops plus ozzie had to study for his exam during the lunch break so i ordered this, mainly because they have variety of vegetarian options. and surely glad i did!! the foods are fresh and delicious and the delivery was fast (though they said it will take 60mins). we had thai cabbage salad ($1.50), cottage cheese with roasted vege sandwich ($2.20) and cheese with corn and mushroom wrap ($1.50). with VAT, our bill came to $5.93. no delivery charges. very impressive and i wouldnt mind ordering again.


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