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Time-lapsed Journey – South East Asia – 2015 – Hopscotchers

http://www.hopscotchers.org This is a compilation of different timelapse I took during our journey through South East Asia – Namely Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and in the end Nepal. It has been an amazing 1 year for us where we learned soo much through our journeys and staying in different places, ...

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Cheap Room In Laos For Under $10

Traveling to Laos from Thailand, we find that most things, especially foods and transportation are much more expansive there. It is not easy to find a decent cheap room as well but we did and hence would like to share the information with you guys. As budget travelers, we understand ...

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Budget Foods In Laos

this post is long overdue, i know, but i had been so lazy to write – its not even funny. these days, the only thing i enjoy writing is my instagram posts :p anyway, back to this. focus! so foods in laos is not cheap. and i mean cheap as ...

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