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Time-lapsed Journey – South East Asia – 2015 – Hopscotchers

http://www.hopscotchers.org This is a compilation of different timelapse I took during our journey through South East Asia – Namely Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and in the end Nepal. It has been an amazing 1 year for us where we learned soo much through our journeys and staying in different places, ...

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Rosoto – The Soap Made Of Love

https://www.etsy.com/shop/soap So the interesting story behind this is that I went to Toom’s house 4 years back when i was first introduced to him through another couchsurfer Josh. I had a lovely time and experienced an amazing lifestyle as his house was apparently open to everyone and there were always ...

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Temple Run – Kathmandu

A temple we came across during our travel around kathmandu. I like the simple feel of the temples here. We took a short break here before we headed on. So excited and looking forward to exploring the city. # tea

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Going Around Kathmandu

Going around the in enjoying the local tea, the rikhsha ride and our walks through the area. Its really a very different and interesting atmosphere here. Loving it. Day 2 as we settle in # tea

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