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About Nazreen Rao

I am a bohemian artist who believes in magic and power of the heart. I love going to new places, experiencing new cultures and above all, meeting and talking to people along the way. I draw and paint – mostly with ink pen, colored pencils and watercolors. Sometimes, I write poems and reflections. I also love crafting things with my hands, especially hand-stitching.

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On our visit to Sao Paulo.. we have to go to Liberdade and the very first day we went to this restaurant (that i was eying the last time we were there) for lunch and man was it good..was so happy having soup noodles..and flat noodles. This is the time when i realize how much i love food .. so worth the visit and the prices were good too.. on average.. all dishes were for about R$23. I highly recommend this place