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Arriving In Chiang Mai

we arrived in chiang mai on the early hours of 12th of feb. after waiting for the day to come to light for a few hours at the train station, chattering away with other fellow travellers – we took a taxi-van to the the old town.

the driver dropped us at a corner of a main road in the middle of town and told us to walk down the alley. he said the guest house is very nearby and his taxi-van could not go into the alley.

we started walking and reached the other end of the alley towards another main road but did not see the house. with one large heavy backpack each on our back and a small bag each on the front – that morning walk was painful. we were always exhausted from the 16 hours long journey. i, for one, could hardly sleep when travelling. and ozzie, though he slept now and then, didnt have enough.

thank God we came across Kenny McMoney (that is what written on his namecard, im not joking!), the tuk-tuk driver. when we showed him the address, he knew exactly where to go and he took us right in front of the guest house – Pepper House.

when we got there, we thought we will have to wait another few hours before we can check in. so we wanted to dropped of the luggage and go get breakfast or something, but to our delight, they just let us checked in without us having to ask or say anything.

we stayed in Pepper House for 3 nights. it is in the old town, near to Mong Mueng main road but on a relatively quiet alley. we paid 11usd per night for a double room with air-cond. the room is clean, the location is great and the staffs are friendly. oh, and they have a cute dog too!

the room. excuse the messy-ness :)

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