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Khaw Glong – Restaurant – Ko Samui – Thailand

www.khawglong.com/ A small restaurant that pours out love through its food and passion. Na the founder of the place started off selling food by delivering packed food to office after she came to ko samui from bangkok. From there she started her own little stall which went on to have a few tables. 4 years down the lane – Khaw Glong is her baby which she takes care of in every way to the tiniest details.

She goes shopping every day to make sure everything is fresh and prepares the food and cooks along with her staff. She is one amazing person and we are glad that the universe made us come across her.

Now as for the food, it is just out class – just go their early though as they are small and most of the time very busy and booked.

The best Tom Yum soup so far, great king prawns with garlic sauce, the best fried rice I ever had, all served by a friendly and a very friendly english speaking staff. The tamarind sauce and the chicken pandan sauce is a must try.

We wish Na all the best for the future. Stay the way you are.

Client: www.khawglong.com
Director/DOP: Ozair Rao http://www.ozairrao.com
Produced By: http://www.theparadoxstudio.com
In Collaboration With: Hopscotchers – http://www.hopscotchers.org
Producer: Nazreen Nizam – http://www.nazreennizam.com
Date Produced: 31th August, 2015

Equipment Used:
Camera & Lenses: GH3, 14-140mm, 35-100 2.8, 20mm 1.7, Go Pro Hero 3
Post Production: Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Audition CS6
Color Correction: Magic Bullet Looks

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