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    i know its still too early too say but honestly its like love at first ...

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they say ‘ask and you shall receive’ and indeed i received!! so i put my intent to the universe for bamboo straw and the universe sent me this beautiful angel with 2 bamboo straws!!! Juju is the cousin we were staying with in New York. she & her husband Zozo are the best!! love you guys so much! thanks for everything

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bamboo toothbursh – in pursuit to use lesser plastic material products in our life. came across this at The Alchemist Kitchen, NY. i was telling Ozzie this morning that i want to get a metal straw so we dont have to use plastic straw at the beach when we are having coconut water. being more of a woody earth element soul, he suggested we look for bamboo straws instead. and i was like ok thats an interesting thought. i never came across it, offline or online, but it could be out there somewhere. well, unfortunately we didnt come across bamboo straws today but we found this!

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