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    i know its still too early too say but honestly its like love at first ...

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i am always intrigued by darkness in a person. by darkness – i mean evil actions done consciously, not actions by ignorant assholes. i believe we human are inherently good so when someone choose to do something evil, i feel there must be a reason, a story behind it. not everything is just black & white – there are a lot of gray areas too.

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this was the 1st mandala-style artwork i created and i remembered how uncomfortable i was with the process. the lines and shapes makes me feel limited. i felt like i couldnt just go with the flow. little i realised that those moments and uncomfortable feelings were a beginning to a wonderful journey in my creative exploration. as it helps me to learn and understand myself better. once limited, now limitless. you may purchase these merchandise and many more from my online shop.

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