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Pakistan Diaries – Bahawalpur – The Princely State

http://www.hopscotchers.org – This year we decided to stop over in Bahawalpur for a day on our way back to Karachi from Lahore. It took a crazy 8-9 hours journey in a train to reach Bahawalpur from Lahore. You can opt to take the Daewoo bus as well.

We reached Bahawalpur around 5 so we decided to rest and head out the next day. We had already looked online about all the Palaces and other interesting places in this place – but upon discussion with the hotel people, we were told that most of the Palaces require special permission from the Army.

We decided to opt for places we could enjoy and not rush and be able to go easily and we visited the Central Library, The Museum, The Sadiq Jame Mosque in Old City, The Old City around Farid Gate which included a lot of different markets and last but not least the beautiful Noor Mahal.

This time on our journey, we didn’t plan things and also decided to wear what we generally wear and not tone down our colors. It was an interesting experience doing so as at times the whole 30 feet in front of you would be frozen – all looking at you but at the same time – we found that the people of Bahawalpur are amazing, very friendly and they smile and even come up to you to ask where you are from.

Overall our trip to Bahawalpur was wonderful, the stay was nice, the city was way cleaner then we expected and the markets and old buildings were maintained and wonderful.

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Director/DOP: Ozair Rao http://www.ozairrao.com
Produced By: Hopscotchers – http://www.hopscotchers.org
In Collaboration With: http://www.theparadoxstudio.com
Date Produced: 30th March, 2016

Equipment Used:
GH3 with 14-140 Panasonic
Post Production: Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Audition CS6, Panolapse
Color Correction: Magic Bullet Looks

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I want to share the faces, the feelings and the realities of human issue through my lens. I am addicted to observing life up-close : every character, every situation, every sound and every details around me. Studying life unconsciously has become a habit and capturing moments is and will always be a passion.

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