Home / TRAVELOGUE / Insta-Posts / this was the logo i was working on the other day. none of you got it right ๐Ÿ˜› and i must say this client is sooo amazing! i learned a lot in the process of working on this project. she was very thorough even on little details and it kind of pushed me to sharpen my skills further. i thank the Universe for sending her my way and i wish to work with more people like her

About Nazreen Rao

I am a bohemian artist who believes in magic and power of the heart. I love going to new places, experiencing new cultures and above all, meeting and talking to people along the way. I draw and paint โ€“ mostly with ink pen, colored pencils and watercolors. Sometimes, I write poems and reflections. I also love crafting things with my hands, especially hand-stitching.

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